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A child with a father drowned in front of his mother in a popular tourist resort

A four-year-old boy and his father drowned in front of his mother on the beach of the Spanish city of Girona. Eyewitnesses reported that the rescuers saw the body of the child in the water and rushed to save him. At this time, vacationers watched everything happening from the shore. Mirror informs about the incident. […]

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The alligator ate a 45-kilogram pit bull in front of the hostess

In the United States, an alligator attacked a dog. In the morning, a local resident Cynthia Robinson took for a walk a 45-kilogram pit bull nicknamed Tank. As they walked past the settling pond, an alligator pounced on the dog. About the incident reports Bay News 9. According to the woman, everything happened quickly enough. […]


Nokia 8.2 smartphone will get a sliding front camera

Well-known company HMD Global is preparing its new Nokia 8.2 gadget. The network has information that the new smartphone will be equipped with a sliding front camera, presumably, with crystals of 32 megapixels. This decision indicates that the display of the novelty will be frameless, but nothing is known about the exact characteristics of the […]

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Men ate raw squirrel in front of vegans and paid the price

In the UK, two men were sentenced to a fine for eating a raw squirrel in front of visitors to a vegan market in London. The court found 22-year-old Deonisy Khlebnikov and 29-year-old Gatis Lagzdinsh guilty of disturbing public order and sentenced them to a fine of 200 and 400 pounds, respectively. At the trial […]

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In the Bahamas, sharks tore a student in front of the family

In the Bahamas, a 21-year-old student from California died – a girl was devoured by three sharks in front of her entire family. The incident was told on the American television channel. The tragedy occurred on June 26th. The girl was on the islands along with her entire family. The girl, along with her parents […]

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Parents began to massively beat toys in front of children

Parents began to share in social networks a special way of raising children. So, in order to convince the child to eat, they demonstrate violence over a soft toy. It is worth noting that the beating of toys has become a kind of flashmob. This phenomenon has become widespread. Users of social networks actively publish […]

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The enraged predator dealt with a small child in front of his parents

The child was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, but the doctors were powerless and stated the boy’s death. The incident occurred in South Africa in the Kruger National Park. According to the BBC, the predator managed to get into the park zone where the people were. As a victim, the leopard chose a two-year-old […]

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Aggressive monkey ate ducklings in front of their mother

In the Netherlands, a monkey attacked a duck and killed its ducklings. Baboon first stood on a wooden plank by the pond and watched the bird and her cubs. Reports about it Daily Star. The duck left ducklings for a while. Then the monkey seized the moment and ate one duckling. It is worth noting […]

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The football player who shot the shorts in front of the girl judge will cut lawns for half a year

Italian 14-year-old footballer of the Treporti team was punished for taking off his shorts in front of the girl judge. A young man, to make amends, go to mow lawns. This incident was reported portal championat.com. As it became known, during the “Treporti” meeting with the Miranese team, the teenager unexpectedly took off his shorts […]

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