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Innovations MIUI 11: Xiaomi has revealed plans for the future

Soon a new version of the firmware from Xiaomi MUI 11 should be released, in which the developers promise to introduce many new and interesting features, as well as significantly improve the old features. What will please the owners of Chinese smartphones: 1. It will be possible to change the appearance of the cut on […]


Five countries where the digital future has already arrived

Internet speed in these countries can only be envied. As you know, communication capabilities greatly affect the culture of the countries of the world and change it. High-speed Internet, constant online availability, non-cash payments move the global economy forward. Among many countries, experts point out a few, noting that these countries are more focused on […]


Experts called the medical devices of the future

Over the past decade, science has advanced far ahead. Despite the fact that everyone has become accustomed to modern technology, some of them can hit even the most advanced person. Analysts have compiled a list of the most ambitious inventions. Ultra-precise tonometer You will not surprise anyone with an electronic tonometer. However, the device still […]


The future has already come: we have successfully tested flying electro-taxi

Now we can say with confidence that the future has already come. The German company Lilium successfully tested flying electrotax. During the test, the five-seater car took off. It hung in the air and landed. Representatives of the company said that the work of electric taxi will begin in 2025. The company also declassified some […]


Scientists have created "flowers-fireflies" to illuminate the houses of the future

MIT specialists said they used special nanoparticles in the development, which can turn absolutely any indoor plant into lights. Moreover, these lamps are absolutely harmless and do not pose a threat to human health. The creators describe the principle that underlies this unique development – something like fireflies. Scientists have pushed environmental concerns to this […]


Belarus to complete 4G network in the foreseeable future

Based on the established 4G network, it is planned to develop 5G. 03/19/2019 Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Turchin stated that the creation of a 4G network will be completed in Belarus in the near future. After that, it is planned to start developing 5G networks. Currently, about 75% of the country's population has access to […]

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