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Third-party games appear in Wargaming Game Center

The first partners will be known on September 15th. Wargaming Game Center will be accessible to two hundred million people, and this is the main advantage for developers “from the outside,” noted in Wargaming. Note that Wargaming will act as an “engine” for the games of its partners, as it will pass them through its […]

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Starbucks earned $ 2.3 billion on a kinolap with a glass in “Game of Thrones”

Thanks to the kinolyapa in the popular kinosaga, the American company selling coffee and the same-name chain of coffee shops earned more than two million dollars. Attentive viewers very often notice kinolyaps both in films and in TV shows. The game “The Game of Thrones”, world-famous, Due to the popularity of the movie saga and […]

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The game in the console helped the teenager to save the whole family from fire

In the US state of Florida, a teenager disobeyed his parents and saved the whole family from a fire. It is known that the boy had to go to bed at the request of the parents. But he preferred to play the console at midnight. The teenager felt the smell of burning when all the […]

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Released ice cream dedicated to the final season of the Game of Thrones

The Wanderlust Creamery ice cream shop in Los Angeles was inspired by the final season of the famous series Game of Thrones. Now fans will be able to taste the unique ice cream. The refreshing delicacy was named Game of Cones. So, in the waffle cone there are balls of ice cream with different flavors. […]


Facebook has created an artificial intelligence that turns real people into manageable game characters.

The Facebook team has created artificial intelligence that turns real people into game characters based on video. Novelty called Vid2Play. The authors of the project shared the secret of how they managed to create such a system. First, the video is served in Pose2Pose, which determines the type of action, such as dancing, playing tennis […]


IT specialists created a program that allows you to change the voice in the game

Gamers rejoice: game characters now not only change their appearance, clothes, but also communicate in different ways. IT specialists demonstrated new technologies that allow characters to speak in the voice of Darth Vader and Britney Spears. The development started back in 2015, when IT specialists, using a special platform, were able to set the desired […]

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