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Third-party games appear in Wargaming Game Center

The first partners will be known on September 15th. Wargaming Game Center will be accessible to two hundred million people, and this is the main advantage for developers “from the outside,” noted in Wargaming. Note that Wargaming will act as an “engine” for the games of its partners, as it will pass them through its […]

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Deadly games. The guard played with the snake and died

In Indonesia, a guard died after a snakebite. Iskandar, 46, has caught a poisonous snake. He played with her until she bit his finger. The Jakarta Post informs about the incident. The local resident thought that the bite would not harm him. He also did not seek medical help. It became known that there was […]

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The boy is numb due to games on a mobile phone

In China, a nine-year-old child spoiled his eyesight because of his addiction to mobile games. During the summer holidays, the boy did not take his eyes off the screen of his mobile phone. It is known that he played for ten hours daily. AsiaOne informs about the incident. Parents tried to fight addiction, but the […]


Microsoft wants to release new games every three months.

The head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Buti shared his company’s near-term plans. It turned out that Microsoft is going to provide its users with a stable stream of new content on PCs and consoles. Matt Buti said that their plans are quite ambitious and their implementation will take a lot of resources. According to […]


 Scientists believe that computer games help to cope with stress.

American experts decided to establish for what reason people play computer and mobile games. The study was conducted by the Association of software and computer games. In gender terms, it turned out that among gamers, 46% are women. 52% of gamers have a completed higher education, and in addition to gaming, they have a number […]


ASUS has introduced new laptops for e-sports games

The company Asus presented new laptops for e-sports games. It is known that there are several models in the line: the ROG Strix Scar and the ROG Strix Hero of the third generation. The developers really worked hard on the creation of new products. Laptops have the latest and most powerful features. It is known […]

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