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Explosion at a baking festival in Germany: many injured

A terrible accident occurred in one of the German cities Freudenberg: at the very height of the festival dedicated to Backesfest baking, an explosion occurred. As a result, at least fourteen people were injured. At the same time, three of them are in serious condition, the rest are “luckier” a little more – the victims […]

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In Germany, the ban on the use of plastic bags in trade

The German government has decided to abandon the use of plastic bags in trade for the sake of the environment. The law is expected to enter into force in 2020. It will be forbidden to use plastic bags at all. In case of non-compliance with the law, a large fine will be imposed on the […]

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In Germany, more than 100 people contracted tuberculosis at school

In one of the schools in the city of Bad Schönborn there was a massive infection with tuberculosis. According to statements by representatives of the administration of the settlement, an open form of this deadly disease was found in four victims. The majority is diagnosed with a latent form, in which patients do not experience […]

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Temperature records again broken in Europe, nuclear power plants cut off in Germany

In a number of European countries, record heat was set again. This is reported by European publications with reference to meteorological services. According to Deutsche Welle, for the first time in the history of meteorological observations today, July 25, a record figure was recorded in the German town of Lingen, the air temperature reached +42.6 […]

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In Germany, for the rape of a woman detained five boys 12-14 years

In Germany, five teenagers aged between 12 and 14 are accused of raping an 18-year-old girl. The incident occurred in the German city of Mülheim an der Ruhr on July 5. The crime became known thanks to the local residents, who, while walking with a dog, wandered into the forest park area and found two […]


In Russia and Germany, interviews are conducted by robots.

Some German and Russian companies began to use the services of artificial intelligence, which performs some of the functions of a recruiting manager. The robot selects the necessary resumes, rounds up the candidates, conducts initial interviews. Then he invites you to the final interview, which is already taking place with a living person. Artificial intelligence […]

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In Germany, Facebook was fined € 2 million

The company has violated the rules of publication reporting on the operation with illegal content for the first half of last year. The German Federal Justice Department wants to collect € 2 million from Facebook Ireland Limited for non-compliance with the law on the protection of social networks. This information is presented in a statement […]

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The highest sand castle in the world was built in Germany

In Germany, there is an island called Rügen, which is located in the Baltic resort of Binz, where there is a tradition to hold sand figure festivals. This year the highest sand figure was built, its height was 17.66 m, and the diameter was 98 cm larger than the sand castle, which was built in […]

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Residents of Germany may be allowed to eat food from garbage dumps

The authorities of the German city of Hamburg allowed residents to take food from garbage cans and garbage cans. Reports about it Euronews. It should be noted that annually in Germany several tons of food are thrown, which is quite suitable for consumption and does not harm the health. At the moment, taking food from […]

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“Go to the victim and say hello to her”: in Germany they are tough with those who want to take the place of the accident

Patrolmen impose a fine and offer to come to greet the dead. Reports the edition about it DW. Relevant information is posted on the page of the publication on Twitter. For example, in Germany, the police fines passers-by drivers who are trying to take a photo from the scene of the accident. The penalty for […]

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