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The couple hoped that they would soon become parents, but it became known that not a child was growing in the girl’s stomach

Young spouses did not plan a baby, but were happy when the girl showed the first signs of pregnancy. However, when the girl came to the hospital to have a planned ultrasound, the doctors told her the terrible news, which destroyed all the dreams of the couple. Grace Baker-Padden and her husband Joe Cowling wanted […]

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In one of the European schools, girls were forbidden to wear skirts because of tolerance

At a convent school in the UK in Sussex, girls were banned from wearing skirts. They were offered a typical version of a school uniform with trousers. The school leadership took this position because of its tolerant attitude towards transgender people. According to the administration of the educational institution, if everyone wears trousers, then transgender […]

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Instagram star turned out to be a trafficker of underage girls

In Colombia, they arrested model and Instagram star Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello. A popular girl is accused of organizing prostitution. It is known that the victims of the 48-year-old model were minor girls from poor families. It was found that a woman offered girls jobs as models. However, instead of the podium, the children […]

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In the Polish city of 9 years, only girls are born. For the boy promise a reward

An unusual demographic situation has developed in the small Polish town of Meystse-Ojansk: for more than 9 years only girls have been born. According to The First News, dozens of babies are born in the town every year, but there are no boys among babies. According to local residents, a similar situation in the town […]


Appeared an application that strips the girls in the photo. Men brought down the site in seconds

This is an application DeepNude, which was developed by a programmer from Estonia. The application strips women in pictures. According to sources, after a short period of work, numerous visitors brought down the site, where an unusual startup was posted. In order to “strip” any woman in seconds, you must upload a photo of her, […]

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