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The couple hoped that they would soon become parents, but it became known that not a child was growing in the girl’s stomach

Young spouses did not plan a baby, but were happy when the girl showed the first signs of pregnancy. However, when the girl came to the hospital to have a planned ultrasound, the doctors told her the terrible news, which destroyed all the dreams of the couple. Grace Baker-Padden and her husband Joe Cowling wanted […]

General news

The consequences of the hurricane: the number of victims of "Dorian" is growing

The Bahamas receives non-stop information on the current state of the state after the impact of one of the most powerful hurricanes in the history of the region – Doriana. According to the latest data at this moment, the number of citizens who died from a riot of elements reached seven. Previously reported the death […]


Sales of Huawei smartphones are growing amid falling Apple and Samsung

Analytical company Canalys has published fresh data on sales of smartphones for the first quarter of this year. In the first three months of this year, about 313.9 million smartphones were sold worldwide. Analysts could also trace which smartphone models were among the leaders of sales, and which were the opposite. The overall picture has […]

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