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iPhone lay at the bottom of the lake for two days. That's what happened to him

The drivers created their YouTube, where they talk about the most interesting things that were found at the bottom of the seas and oceans. The representative of one of the water sports parks, which is located in the UK, accidentally dropped his iPhone X into the water. As a result, the divers who arrived two […]

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Moldova left without a constitutional court: what happened

Constitutional Court of Moldova resigned. And in full force. This is reported on his official website. It also says that the termination of powers and vacancies of judges of the Constitutional Court will be announced to the relevant authorities for the appointment of new judges. “Judge Vyacheslav Zaporozhan is authorized by the plenum of the […]

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In Kazakhstan, the whole city was evacuated. Details of what happened

In Kazakhstan, an explosion occurred on the territory of a military unit. After that 70 shells were collected. The explosion happened on the morning of June 24 in the city of Arys in the warehouse of a military unit. As a result, two people died, one of whom was a civilian – a shell landed […]

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In the US, they cordoned off the White House, blocked the streets: what happened

Recently it became known that the territory around the White House in Washington was cordoned off. According to American media, the reason was a backpack left by an unknown person. The primary source of information is the United States Secret Service. The incident representatives of the organization reported on the social network Twitter. According to […]

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In Domodedovo, an extra passenger aircraft was landed. What happened

Today, on June 6, a passenger plane urgently landed at the Moscow Domodedovo Airport. According to the Russian press, the A-320 airliner flew to France, but was forced to return to the airport due to a chassis failure. Pilots promptly responded, PE was avoided. No injuries. As a result of the incident no one was […]

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The bride showed what happened to her after the bridegroom doused her with acid

In Vietnam, the groom poured his 24-year-old bride on the eve of the wedding. The girl first published her photos after the tragedy. The incident occurred on January 1 in the girl’s house. Shortly before the wedding, a girl named Lan decided to break off relations with her fiancé, as he became very jealous and […]

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