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"He closed his mouth with his hands so as not to scream with happiness." Someone hit the $ 4 million jackpot

The national lottery in Canada made happy another lucky winner who won $ 3.8 million. It turned out to be a local resident of Ontario. The man was lucky to hit the jackpot in the amount of 5 million Canadian rubles, or 3.8 million dollars. The winning ticket was purchased at the place of residence […]

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“There will be a world of 1,000 years when the eighth signs”: Vanga’s dying prophecy hit the media

On his deathbed, the clairvoyant asked people to live in peace, including including about Kosovo, Lugansk and Donetsk. Sources say that the journalists tried to find out who this mysterious “eighth” is about, which was broadcast by the famous Bulgarian seer. Some sources indicate that the clairvoyant before death asked people to keep peace, she […]

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Dorian hit the Bahamas and moves to the USA: people are urgently evacuated

One of the most powerful hurricanes in US history, Dorian, has already hit the Bahamas. And caused tremendous damage. Local media have reported roofs torn from buildings, damaged power lines, fallen trees, flooded streets, and a lot of mangled cars. Residents massively left the coastal areas. According to eyewitnesses, the waves reached five meters. Hurricane […]

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"I will scare them my dog": A giant cat ravaged its owners and hit the Net

A cat of incredible size has settled in one of America’s shelters. Ponytail was nicknamed BJ, he became a resident of Morris Animal Refuge. According to the staff of the shelter, initially it may seem that this cat belongs to the Maine Coon breed, but this is not so. Moreover, he is not well-fed, as […]

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The streets of Sochi turned into rivers – a downpour hit the resort town

Heavy rain took place in Sochi on August 17, as a result of which the streets of the resort turned into fast rivers. On the Web, local residents are actively publishing footage that captures the effects of rain. Some videos show that people are having difficulty navigating the streets of the city due to the […]

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The fall of a huge meteorite hit the Network

On August 16, a car driver shot a huge meteorite on the camera. The video has already appeared on social networks. A unique phenomenon was recorded in the sky above Torre Grande in Sardinia. According to eyewitnesses, this celestial body was also visible from northern Africa and southern France. It is assumed that the video […]

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A couple missed breakfast and hit the jackpot

In the US, the couple missed breakfast due to lack of seats in the restaurant and hit the jackpot. Jennifer Fisher remembered how she and her husband came to the restaurant on Sunday morning and found that the place was overcrowded. This is reported by UPI. Then the couple ran into the store in order […]

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She died sending a message while driving. Her last words hit social networks.

The fatal incident occurred with a 32-year-old American woman whose heart stopped beating due to an accident. What happened shook up and put on the ears the entire Internet. According to Russian media, the story of a young woman is tragic, but very instructive. The incident will be a good example for everyone who loves […]


Photos of Google Pixel 4 smartphone hit the Web

Presentation of new items is scheduled for October this year, but users are actively interested in the flagship. It’s all about the characteristics of the smartphone. According to analysts, the new product is superior in quality to Samsung and Apple. Judging by the published photos, the Google Pixel 4 smartphone will not receive a dual […]

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Mysterious creature hit the video. On the Web, guess what

A resident of the United States published an unusual video on the Web: a mysterious creature was captured on published frames. Users wondering who it could be? Video with a mysterious creature published by Vivian Gomez. The woman wrote that the creature took only one camera. Two other cameras on the local area for some […]

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