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A man was hospitalized with flu symptoms and lost his skin

Due to infection, a quarter of the skin was removed from a US resident. It became known that David Ireland ended up in a medical facility with flu-like symptoms. His condition deteriorated quickly enough. Soon, a man was diagnosed with necrotic fasciitis. This disease is an infection caused by bacteria that causes tissue death. This […]

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A woman was hospitalized with kidney stones and lost limbs

A resident of the UK, Mandy Parkin, turned to the hospital for help with appendicitis for help. Of course, the woman did not suspect that she had a more terrible disease. The Daily Mail informs about the incident. The woman turned to doctors complaining of suspicious pain, which, in her opinion, spoke about the development […]

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More than 20 people hospitalized in the USA after smoking electronic cigarettes

In the United States, more than 20 people were hospitalized due to electronic cigarette smoking; there are minors among the victims. This is reported by American television channels. The victims are from different states, the most cases are in Wisconsin (12 people). According to the latest information, at least 22 people were hospitalized. All victims […]

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Inexplicable stench in the plane caused four hospital flight attendants to be hospitalized.

In America, one of the aircraft of the airline Spirit Airlines, which followed from Atlantic City to Tampa, had to return to the airport at the place of departure because of the persistent smelly “flavor” on board. According to Fox News, there was such a terrible smell on board the air vehicle that the pilots […]

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