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The alligator ate a 45-kilogram pit bull in front of the hostess

In the United States, an alligator attacked a dog. In the morning, a local resident Cynthia Robinson took for a walk a 45-kilogram pit bull nicknamed Tank. As they walked past the settling pond, an alligator pounced on the dog. About the incident reports Bay News 9. According to the woman, everything happened quickly enough. […]

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The cat woke up famous when the hostess laid him too emotional photo

Fluffy and lazy cat Ah Fey from China became popular after his owner published several photos on the Web. Reports about it Bored Panda. In Instagram Tang Chang has more than ten thousand subscribers. By the way, the reason for the appearance of such a number of subscribers was a cat, which amazes with its […]

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Stubborn dog refused to execute the command of the hostess, but became the main star of the exhibition

At the annual dog competition in the UK, the most important star was the dog named Kratu. He showed his stubbornness. Unlike other animals, he did not execute commands. He also did not jump over barriers and did not bypass obstacles. The shaggy dog ​​decided to take some time off. Probably, the dog came to […]

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