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An infant with a heartbeat of 320 beats per minute was saved by immersion in ice water

In one of the hospitals in the UK a unique case occurred. A newborn girl was delivered to the department with a heartbeat of 320 beats per minute, which appeared a couple of days after her birth. Doctors made a non-standard decision and immersed the girl’s head in ice water for five seconds. After this […]

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Plastic found in the pristine ice of the Arctic

A three-week international expedition collected ice samples from the Arctic. It became known that it contained microparticles of plastic, which is visible in samples obtained from the depths of glaciers. This suggests that the scale of planet pollution is increasing every day. This is the fault of people who do not care about our planet. […]

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Global Warming: Greenland Lost 11 Billion Tons of Ice in a Day

On the territory of Greenland, scientists have recorded the largest melting of glaciers for this summer. During one day, 11 billion tons of ice had descended into the ocean. The melting of the ice cover in Greenland occurs annually from the beginning of June to the end of July. However, this year the process of […]

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Released ice cream dedicated to the final season of the Game of Thrones

The Wanderlust Creamery ice cream shop in Los Angeles was inspired by the final season of the famous series Game of Thrones. Now fans will be able to taste the unique ice cream. The refreshing delicacy was named Game of Cones. So, in the waffle cone there are balls of ice cream with different flavors. […]

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Italians ask for their national ice cream to be included in the UNESCO list.

Manufacturers of vintage ice cream from Florence ask UNESCO to include dessert in the list of intangible heritage. This is reported by local media. It is known that we are talking about the popular cold dessert gelato, which consists of sponge cake and ice cream. The authors of this dessert consider it the same culinary […]

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