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The child caught a throat infection and was left without arms and legs

In England, an 11-month-old had a throat infection and lost limbs. About the incident reports the British edition of The Sun. The incident occurred in the English city of Clitorps. A 23-year-old British woman named Abigail noticed that her son has a fontanel. A worried young mother sought medical help. Doctors discovered a throat infection […]

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An outbreak of streptococcal infection in England: 12 people died, 20 infected

As a result of an outbreak of streptococcal infection in Essex, England, since February of this year, 32 people have been infected, 12 of them died. It is known that the first infected became known in February, and in March they reported an outbreak of infection. The local media report the incident. As for the […]

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A man walked barefoot on the beach and picked up a dangerous infection

In the American city of Corpus Christi, a man entered the ocean barefoot and caught a dangerous infection. At 42-year-old Adam Peres, his right leg was swollen after walking a little bit on the beach. He turned for help to the doctors. Doctors prescribed him antibiotics, which did not help. A few days later, a […]

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