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The child caught a throat infection and was left without arms and legs

In England, an 11-month-old had a throat infection and lost limbs. About the incident reports the British edition of The Sun. The incident occurred in the English city of Clitorps. A 23-year-old British woman named Abigail noticed that her son has a fontanel. A worried young mother sought medical help. Doctors discovered a throat infection […]

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 A woman bathed in a jacuzzi and almost lost her legs

A resident of the UK swam in the jacuzzi and seized sepsis and gangrene. The 46-year-old Briton was visiting her friend, and accepted the invitation to take a dip in the jacuzzi. Shortly before this, a woman cut her leg, but did not take this fact too seriously. After spending time in the jacuzzi, the […]

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Flashmob against hair removal: women massively bare legs

The world is full of oddities, but upholding bodipositive is gaining popularity among women of all countries, and has reached China. In this country, the girls launched a #GirlsBodyhairCompetition flashmob – the condition on the most hairy woman. Bodypositive is not just a model of XXL size, but these people believe that their body belongs […]

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