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A leisurely lottery winner nearly lost a millionth prize

In the UK, the lottery winner managed to announce the win at the last moment. The Briton appeared in the office of Camelot Group just a few hours before the expiration date of the lottery ticket, which turned out to be winning. The gain of a local resident was one million pounds. At the moment, […]

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A woman bought a lottery ticket and provided for herself for the next 30 years

A resident of the UK bought a lottery ticket for the last money on the game account and hit the jackpot. 42-year-old Vicki Mitchell spent only one and a half pounds, buying a lottery ticket. It soon became known that the British managed to hit the jackpot. Now she will receive 10 thousand pounds every […]

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The man lowered the prize at the casino and the lottery and became rich

A resident of the United States spent the prize on lottery tickets, a trip to the casino and twice hit the jackpot. The 48-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, received a small bonus at work. He decided to spend this money in a casino, where he went along with his wife. About the incident reports […]

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The guy boasted that he became a millionaire, winning the lottery, but received a penny

A 32-year-old Manchester resident regularly bought lottery tickets for six years, and finally he was lucky! The happy news about the winnings was reported by the girl at the store’s checkout. According to her, she cannot give out a prize. Therefore, the man had to contact the lottery company. Of course, the news about the […]

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Factory worker won $ 94 million in the lottery

Resident of Great Britain Ed Goodchild is incredibly lucky: he won $ 94 million in the lottery. Lucky jackpot in EuroMillions lottery. Before becoming a millionaire, the British worked at a shoe factory and received a modest salary. Now he announced that he intends to quit his job and start traveling. His plans also include […]

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