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The couple hoped that they would soon become parents, but it became known that not a child was growing in the girl’s stomach

Young spouses did not plan a baby, but were happy when the girl showed the first signs of pregnancy. However, when the girl came to the hospital to have a planned ultrasound, the doctors told her the terrible news, which destroyed all the dreams of the couple. Grace Baker-Padden and her husband Joe Cowling wanted […]

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Parents raised their son as a dog for participation in a television show

In the UK, the family hired a dog trainer to raise their three-year-old child. The British took such a step in order to take part in a new reality show called “Train your baby like a dog.” The show is that a trainer shows how to raise a child with “dog methods.” According to a […]

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Parents were allowed to skip work because of schoolchildren

In Portugal, at the official level, parents were allowed to skip work if their child is less than 12 years old and they are civil servants. True, not every time, but only on the first day of school. On the first day of study, parents are allowed to be three hours late for work. This […]

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Parents began to massively beat toys in front of children

Parents began to share in social networks a special way of raising children. So, in order to convince the child to eat, they demonstrate violence over a soft toy. It is worth noting that the beating of toys has become a kind of flashmob. This phenomenon has become widespread. Users of social networks actively publish […]

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The enraged predator dealt with a small child in front of his parents

The child was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, but the doctors were powerless and stated the boy’s death. The incident occurred in South Africa in the Kruger National Park. According to the BBC, the predator managed to get into the park zone where the people were. As a victim, the leopard chose a two-year-old […]


YouTube forbids children to use the platform without parents

The most popular platform for video in the world of YouTube tightens the rules of use. Recall that in a fairly short time, the YouTube platform has become the center of several serious scandals. The company literally rained charges of placing inappropriate content and its promotion. Looks like YouTube listened to criticism and tightened the […]

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Parents forced children to bang their heads against the wall for money

The network is gaining popularity Challenge, whose members promise children to pay for any of their purchases, if they can catch a falling bank card. One of the first such video was published by user Kevin. The man forced his son to stand in front of the door and try to stop the bank card […]

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Young parents have forgotten a child in a taxi on the way from the maternity hospital

In Germany, young parents forgot their newborn baby in a taxi, returning from the hospital. The incident occurred in the city of Hamburg. It is known that parents were returning by taxi from the hospital with their older child. Arriving at the house, the couple got out of the car completely forgetting about the child. […]

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The 40-year-old man sued his parents: they threw away his collection of films for adults for $ 29 thousand.

The American sued the parents for throwing out his collection of films for adults. A man demands compensation for moral damage in the amount of 86 thousand dollars. 40-year-old American lived in the parental home in the American city of Grand Haven for about 10 months. Then he moved to Indiana. The man did not […]

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