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Scientists: 120 million people need retraining, otherwise they will be replaced by robots

According to scientists, about 120 million workers in the world can be left without their jobs, because they can easily be replaced by artificial intelligence. The only thing that can help to keep a job is retraining and continuing education courses. Many tasks can be solved with the help of robots, because the algorithms are […]

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Thousands of people sent postcards to a sick boy and restored his love of life

A boy from the UK received more than 3 thousand postcards from strangers. 13-year-old Rhys Williams is sick with bullous epidermolysis. This disease is congenital. It makes the skin very fragile. Even minor influences lead to the formation of bubbles and erosion. In order to avoid damage, the boy’s body has to be bandaged. The […]

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In Berlin, Porsche flew into a group of people – among the dead a small child

In the evening, in the capital of Germany, Berlin, at 19:00 local time, a terrifying accident occurred. The Porsche car literally crashed into a crowd of 6 people who were on the sidewalk at that time. Four people died, among them a small child. By the way, the culprit of the tragedy also suffered in […]

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Hurricane Killer. "Dorian" claimed the lives of five people

One of the most powerful hurricanes in the history of the region, Dorian, hit the Bahamas. Information on the consequences of the rampant is being updated. Recently it became known that at least five people were killed in the Bahamas. Such data is published by the New York Times. According to the Bahamas Press, citing […]

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Dorian hit the Bahamas and moves to the USA: people are urgently evacuated

One of the most powerful hurricanes in US history, Dorian, has already hit the Bahamas. And caused tremendous damage. Local media have reported roofs torn from buildings, damaged power lines, fallen trees, flooded streets, and a lot of mangled cars. Residents massively left the coastal areas. According to eyewitnesses, the waves reached five meters. Hurricane […]

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Heavy rains. More than 700 thousand people are evacuated

Japanese authorities have decided to evacuate several hundred thousand people. Residents of the Saga, Nagasaki, and Fukuoka Prefectures received recommendations to leave their homes. They are advised to move to evacuation centers. Similar recommendations were received by at least 710 thousand people. The reason for the evacuation was the weather. Heavy rainfall hit the Japanese […]

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In the US, lightning nearly killed people at a golf tournament

On August 24, in America, right during a golf tournament, lightning struck the field. It is noted that the incident occurred in one of the US states of Georgia. A powerful thunderstorm front was created in this area. A lightning bolt hit a tree that was on the playing field, then it broke out. As […]

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Not a bit of embarrassment. Older people staged an orgy in the forest and were spotted

Connecticut police officers detained 6 people who staged an orgy in the forest. It became known that five men and one woman aged 62 to 85 years were detained. They were located in the protected area. The Independent informs about the incident. Police officers found an ad on the Internet in which the reserve was […]

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In Yakutia, a flock of hungry bears surrounded a car with people

In Yakutia, a flock of hungry bears surrounded a car with people. Predators begged people for food. Video from the Yakut taiga was posted on Instagram. The footage shows how wild bears suddenly surrounded the car with people. There were hunters in the car. Due to the sudden appearance of bears, men were forced to […]

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Thousands of people faced delays at US airports

On August 17, huge lines formed at several US airports. The reason for this was the failure that occurred in the systems of customs and border control. Relevant information appeared on the official account of the US Customs and Border Control Service on Twitter. Airport employees manually processed all the passenger data, which resulted in […]

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