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Armani and Diesel released a new smart watch

The two largest lovers of beauty announced a new generation of their watches. Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3 and Diesel On Axial Smartwatch will impress you with their beautiful design and new features. GPS navigation and the presence of certain functions make them similar, but the appearance is clearly different, TechRadar writes about this. Emporio Armani […]


Nokia has released an "unkillable" phone

HMD Global at the IFA presented the “indestructible” phone Nokia 800 Tough. A mobile phone that can withstand a drop on concrete from a huge height and a temperature of 55 degrees? The main characteristics of the brand new Nokia 800 Tough are simply amazing. Flawless shock resistance and full moisture protection. The developers claim […]

General news

Pedophile released from prison due to difficult childhood

The British pedophile, who harassed 4 schoolgirls, was released from prison due to the fact that being behind bars has a negative effect on him. It became known that the punishment 19-year-old Kyle Sweet will serve in the form of community service. The Sun informs about the incident. The young man was put on the […]


The new iPhone 11 is about to be released: what features will delight Apple fans?

Very soon, fans of the “apple” will see the new iPhone, the presentation of which will be held in September this year. It became aware of the characteristics of new smartphones. As for the official names of the new iPhone, they remain unknown. It is assumed that we are waiting for the iPhone 11, iPhone […]


Xiaomi has released a mosquito killer that works without chemicals.

The Xiaomi company continues to delight users with gadgets for home and life. The latest novelty was the electric mosquito exterminator Yeelight Mosquito Killer. The device brilliantly passed all the tests in the laboratory and even received a certificate from the Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology. It is known that the gadget works […]


Shazam has released a long-awaited update.

The popular mobile application Shazam has acquired a new function: the recognition of the song in the headphones. Users have been waiting for such an update for a long time and, finally, have waited. Recall, the Shazam application is created to identify an unknown song. For example, you heard an unfamiliar song on the radio […]


Xiaomi has released an infrared hand massager

The company Xiaomi constantly replenishes its range of goods for the home and person. The latest novelty was a unique hand massager Hand Massager. According to the company’s employees, the device is intended for those who spend a long time at the computer. It is able to stretch the hands. The gadget itself has a […]


Google has released a virtual reality glasses Glass Enterprise Edition

Google has again decided to release virtual reality glasses. Recall that the company already has several versions of such devices. So, in 2012, the first points were presented under the simple name of Google Glass. Two years later, in 2014, an updated version of the device for enterprises appeared. And now the company is again […]


Microsoft has released an update for Xbox One, which shows friends online

Microsoft has released a May update for the Xbox. The updated version boasts improvements in the list of friends and messaging. Now, with the help of Xbox Live, users will be able to see if any of their friends are currently playing. You can also see what a friend is playing: on a computer or […]

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