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Cancer has become a leading cause of death in rich countries

Most people in the world still die as a result of cardiovascular disease. However, the results of a large-scale study published in the journal Lancet, according to the BBC, suggest the opposite. According to the published information, cancer was the leading cause of death in developed high-income countries. This disease kills patients more than two […]

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Fell and got rich. The woman sued three million dollars from the casino

A resident of the United States sued at the casino three million dollars after her leg broke in the territory of the institution. It is known that the incident occurred three years ago. This informs Cincinnati.com. A woman stumbled over an unmade sign lying on the floor. This sign was dropped by other visitors to […]

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The rich also cry. Briton won millions, but they ruined his life

In the UK, 48-year-old Adrian Bayford won £ 158 million in the lottery and became the most unhappy person in the world. His wife left him, and the money did not bring happiness. In 2012, the man was lucky – he won a huge fortune in the lottery and entered the list of the richest […]

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The man lowered the prize at the casino and the lottery and became rich

A resident of the United States spent the prize on lottery tickets, a trip to the casino and twice hit the jackpot. The 48-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, received a small bonus at work. He decided to spend this money in a casino, where he went along with his wife. About the incident reports […]

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Germany will be able to send migrants to less rich countries of the European Union

Germany has the right to expel migrants who seek asylum to countries with worse living conditions. It became known that this decision was issued by the European Court of Luxembourg. This is reported by local media. It is worth noting that even poverty in the country will not be the reason for the abolition of […]

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