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Unidentified masked men with weapons staged a raid on a shopping center in Paris

On the eve of July 19, a daring armed robbery took place in Paris: masked men attacked Galeries Lafayette. This is reported by the French TV channels. Galeries Lafayette is a major shopping center. The robbery occurred in the evening. A group of armed masked raiders smashed an outdoor shop window and glass in a […]

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The musicians played a song from "Titanic" during the flood in the shopping center

The musicians performed the famous composition of the singer Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On during a flood in the mall. It is known that the incident occurred in Mexico. Video appeared on the social network Twitter. Heavy rain could not stand the roof. Because of this, the water was on the first floor […]

General news

In Kharkov, due to the threat of explosions, 19 shopping centers were evacuated

In Kharkov, unknown persons reported laying explosives in 19 shopping centers in the city. The evacuation of citizens. According to the Ukrainian police, the message on the mining of shopping centers was sent to the email address of the police on the afternoon of May 17. Law enforcement officers made an emergency large-scale evacuation of […]

General news

Pensioner mixed up the pedals of the car and rammed the shopping center

The car drove into a shopping center in the German Hamburg. About the incident reports Hamburger Morgenpost. It is known that the car started at full speed from the parking lot. The vehicle drove up the stairs and smashed the glass doors. It is known that the pensioner was driving the car. As a result […]


Instagram has launched online shopping service

Instagram is testing online shopping service: users can now buy branded clothing using a special button right in company profiles. A special button Checkout on Instagram will soon appear under the photos of products of different brands. The feature is already available to residents of the United States and the owners of top business accounts. […]

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