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Unusual clouds scared residents of Barcelona – shots

A strange natural phenomenon forced tourists to flee from the beach. In the vast YouTube, a video shot in Barcelona is gaining popularity. Locals saw unusual clouds that frightened them. The storm clouds were moving fast, and in front there was a large swirling white cloud. Some vacationers on the beach began to shoot this […]

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Funny shots: collectors scattered millions of dollars on the highway and enriched casual drivers

In the US, on one of the routes of Atlanta, drivers witnessed a “money rain”: millions of dollars dropped out of a collector’s car. For some reason, the drivers of the collection vehicle did not notice how a large amount of money fell out of the truck and crumbled around the highway. Astonished drivers stopped […]

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Horrific shots: the tiger gave chase for bikers

Terrible shots have appeared on the Web, in which an enraged tiger is chasing bikers at high speed. As reported on the web, the incident occurred in the Indian state of Kerala on the territory of the National Reserve. The published frames show how two men on a motorcycle at high speed are trying to […]

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Published test shots of the Tu-22M3M bomber

Video recording of the flight of the newest Russian Tu-22M3M bomber appeared on the Web. This was informed by the Russian media referring to the message of the TV channel “Star”, which published this video. Reportedly, the newest Russian Tu-22M3M bomber takes off with widely spread wings, but after a while, gaining speed and switching […]

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"Hair stood on end": A teenager noticed a Loch Ness monster – shots

In Canada, noticed a strange creature, which like two drops of water looks like the famous Loch Ness monster. An unusual picture was taken by a teenager from the USA. A 15-year-old boy went to Canada for holidays, where he walked in one of the parks. A student was photographing landscapes, when he saw a […]

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Touching shots: the bear brought the bear cub to the military unit for food

Teddy bear “stood on the shukher” while his mother got food. An amazing video appeared in the web, shot in the Komi Republic. The operation to extract food by bears was taken on a mobile phone by local residents. In just a day, the staff scored a huge number of “likes”. The bear brought her […]

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Fascinating shots: Eyewitnesses shot a giant water column in the center of Singapore

Yesterday, May 11, in the center of Singapore, witnesses were able to observe an amazing phenomenon. A high water funnel appeared a few meters away from the people. Exciting footage posted by users of the Network. On Saturday, a water funnel formed near the Tanjong Pagar terminal. She moved very slowly, “making her way” past […]

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Terrible shots: Killer whales attacked the female of the whale and her cub. Mother struggled to save him

For more than four hours, the mother tried to protect her cub. Unfortunately, the unequal struggle ended in the defeat of the whale. There was a video from the drone, filmed in Monterey Bay (California, USA). Five killer whales surrounded a young whale female who migrated to Alaska. Sea predators attacked the prey as well […]

Healthy way

Scientists have created "burning" shots for arthritis pain

An international team of scientists has created a new drug that relieves joint pain. The composition of the innovative medicinal product includes the component resiniferatoxin, a thousand times sharper than chili peppers. Drug therapy is an injection to the knee area. The active substance, doctors say, literally burns the pain for several hours. As a […]

General news

In Indonesia, the female orangutan survived after 74 shots

In Indonesia, poachers made 74 shots at a female orangutan, but she survived. A female orangutan named Hope (Hope) fully justified its name – the animal managed to survive after numerous injuries from an air pistol. Poachers not only shot at the animal, but also tried to wound her with a knife. The female desperately […]

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