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An asteroid the size of a Cheops pyramid is approaching Earth

NASA said the potentially dangerous huge asteroid is rapidly approaching Earth. It is known that the asteroid 2019 OU1 has rather impressive dimensions: it is 40 times larger than Venus and resembles the Cheops pyramid. According to scientists, the maximum rapprochement with our planet will occur on August 28. It is expected that the asteroid […]

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Monster sea. Medusa the size of a man spotted in England

No wonder they say, amazing – next. A couple of days ago, a story about a jellyfish the size of a man could have a slight smile – a fairy tale, they say, is another. However, biologist Lizzy Daily with her own eyes saw a sea monster. And do not forget to capture it in […]


Nike's photo app recognizes your shoe size

Nike application developers presented a new feature. According to the company’s employees, the new feature is called Nike Fit. The novelty is designed to determine the size of the legs, so that you can later choose the right sneakers. It is known that the application will work using the augmented reality function. The novelty will […]

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Fat woman was outraged by skinny in underwear advertising Plus Size

A full US resident was angry that the Plus Size Baby online lingerie store invited slim models to advertise its products. It is reported by The Sun. 31-year-old Christine Russell wanted to buy Plus Size underwear. She found a suitable online store that specializes in lush sizes, but was disappointed. It turned out that the […]

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