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A man was hospitalized with flu symptoms and lost his skin

Due to infection, a quarter of the skin was removed from a US resident. It became known that David Ireland ended up in a medical facility with flu-like symptoms. His condition deteriorated quickly enough. Soon, a man was diagnosed with necrotic fasciitis. This disease is an infection caused by bacteria that causes tissue death. This […]

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Experts named the main causes of dry skin

Italian dermatologists called the main causes of dry skin. This problem is relevant in the cold season. Dry skin suggests that it lacks moisture, and there are several main reasons that can provoke a similar effect. For example, regular taking a hot shower. This procedure causes pleasant sensations, however, it can provoke severe itching or […]

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Scientists: two fruits that will help your skin look younger

A group of academics from the University of Minnesota Medical School conducted a successful study on mice, which demonstrated that strawberries and apples containing specific molecules have an anti-aging effect. It's all about the flavonoid fizetine, which is part of the berries and fruits. This component remarkably copes with aging, or rather, slows it down. […]

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Experts talked about ten tricks to get flawless skin.

Experts conducted a study and talked about some tricks that will help preserve flawless skin. First, remember: any type of skin needs time to recover. And best of all, this process occurs during sleep, when the blood flow increases and the cells get the necessary nutrients. Secondly, drink more water, it will make your skin […]

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Doctors explained how the skin of a person reacts to stress

An international team of scientists after clinical trials stated: stress provokes not only the brain, but also human skin to respond. The hormones cortisol and adrenaline accelerate the aging process, provoke acne, allergic spots and peeling. Scientists noted: if we talk about dermatological disorders of the skin, the picture is even more complicated. It turns […]

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