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Not a bit of embarrassment. Older people staged an orgy in the forest and were spotted

Connecticut police officers detained 6 people who staged an orgy in the forest. It became known that five men and one woman aged 62 to 85 years were detained. They were located in the protected area. The Independent informs about the incident. Police officers found an ad on the Internet in which the reserve was […]

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Unidentified masked men with weapons staged a raid on a shopping center in Paris

On the eve of July 19, a daring armed robbery took place in Paris: masked men attacked Galeries Lafayette. This is reported by the French TV channels. Galeries Lafayette is a major shopping center. The robbery occurred in the evening. A group of armed masked raiders smashed an outdoor shop window and glass in a […]

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Spectacular footage: Bears staged an epic fight in the forest

Finnish photographer Tero Pulkkanen filmed an epic fight of wild bears at close range. Video is gaining popularity on the web. The photographer filmed a bear fight in the Finnish forest near the town of Kuhmo. The man was sitting in a special tracking booth, so he went unnoticed by the beasts. The frames show […]

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"As savages": Buyers staged a crush for cheap mattresses

In Ufa (Russia), local residents staged a queue in line for cheap mattresses. The incident occurred on May 28 at the local Galamart store. As reported by eyewitnesses, such promotions are held in the store constantly. Every time a crowd of thirsty “freebies” gathers in the hall. This time the crowd lined up behind the […]

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Explosions in Sri Lanka staged the sons of a local oligarch

The authorities of Sri Lanka detained the richest man in the country on suspicion of complicity in the preparation of a series of terrorist attacks. According to the authorities, the two sons of the oligarch turned out to be suicide bombers, who on April 21 staged explosions in local hotels. It is known that Mohamed […]

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At the funeral for rapper Nipsey Hussle staged a brawl and crushed 19 people

In Los Angeles at the funeral service for the American rapper Nipsey Hussle there was a crush, as a result of which 19 people were injured. The local media report the incident. It is known that the incident happened near the memorial of the murdered hip-hop artist. According to police officers, a fight suddenly ensued. […]

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