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The couple hoped that they would soon become parents, but it became known that not a child was growing in the girl’s stomach

Young spouses did not plan a baby, but were happy when the girl showed the first signs of pregnancy. However, when the girl came to the hospital to have a planned ultrasound, the doctors told her the terrible news, which destroyed all the dreams of the couple. Grace Baker-Padden and her husband Joe Cowling wanted […]

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A tumor with teeth inside. Doctors got something terrible from the stomach of a 10-year-old girl

In Tyumen, doctors removed a two-kilogram tumor, which was located in the ovary area, to a 10-year-old girl. It is known that the child was taken to the hospital by his parents. The girl complained of severe abdominal pain. It is worth noting that the baby was immediately hospitalized and an ultrasound scan was done […]

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Russian woman has lived 23 years with a metal clip in the stomach – video

A resident of Vladikavkaz lived for 23 years with scissors in her stomach. Surgical clips were left in her body by doctors after the operation back in 1996. All these years, the woman suffered from severe pain, but no doctor could diagnose her. The Russian woman went to the doctors and each time she was […]

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Doctors pulled the keys of the mailbox from the stomach of a 3-year-old girl

Moscow doctors pulled a three-year-old girl from the stomach two keys from the mailbox. The child accidentally swallowed iron keys right in front of his mother. According to the press service of the Moscow Department of Health, the little one was indulging with the keys, and she did not notice how they ended up in […]

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A man caught a fish with a ring in the stomach and decided to marry

In Britain, a man made an offer to his girlfriend after she found a gold ring inside the fish. It is reported by The Sun. It is known that the British caught this fish. A couple caught a lot of fish. The beloved made the decision to let go of the majority, but only two […]

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Doctors told about the dangers of coffee on an empty stomach

Doctors reported that drinking coffee on an empty stomach is very harmful. When excessive consumption of hot drink is extremely bad effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system, even the gastrointestinal tract. Patients who suffer from gastritis should refrain from morning coffee. First, it will not give you a charge of vivacity, but only provokes […]

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The girl swallowed 18 magnetic beads and collected a bracelet in her stomach.

Doctors removed a bracelet of magnetic beads from the girl's stomach. The incident occurred in China. Reports about it Daily Mail. A two-year-old child swallowed 18 beads one by one in front of his mother's eyes. It happened on March 14th. At first, the woman was convinced that the girl was hiding beads in her […]

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