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Fell and got rich. The woman sued three million dollars from the casino

A resident of the United States sued at the casino three million dollars after her leg broke in the territory of the institution. It is known that the incident occurred three years ago. This informs Cincinnati.com. A woman stumbled over an unmade sign lying on the floor. This sign was dropped by other visitors to […]


Huawei sued the administration of the President of the United States and its former employee

Huawei Technologies last month was blacklisted by the United States, which, in essence, means a total collapse. For several weeks, we observed almost the death throes of the company. This was expressed in loud statements about the creation of its operating system, analogues of American equipment and much more. However, now the company has moved […]

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The 40-year-old man sued his parents: they threw away his collection of films for adults for $ 29 thousand.

The American sued the parents for throwing out his collection of films for adults. A man demands compensation for moral damage in the amount of 86 thousand dollars. 40-year-old American lived in the parental home in the American city of Grand Haven for about 10 months. Then he moved to Indiana. The man did not […]

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Victims of a pedophile female athletes sued the officials

The loud scandal that occurred last year in the United States was continued. More than fifty athletes filed a lawsuit against officials. More than 50 professional gymnasts demand reforms in the NOC (National Olympic Committee). Moreover, a class action in court implies that some officials must receive punishment for inaction. This is a scandal that […]

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The owner of the strangest house in San Francisco was sued because of the decor in the courtyard

The city of Hillsborough filed a lawsuit against the owner of the unusual “Flintstown house” for the reason that it violates local rules and regulations. Dinosaur sculptures are located in the backyard of the site, and changes are made to the landscape design. It is reported by Fox News. A woman bought a house in […]

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