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Microsoft taught Windows 10 to call from a smartphone

Microsoft continues to develop its proprietary application Your Phone. Recall that the American company released it specifically for Windows 10. The developers finalized some points, and also built in an amazing feature: the application can make phone calls from the owner’s smartphone. This innovation in the latest version of the proprietary program was accidentally fixed […]


Scientists have taught artificial intelligence to predict film success

World experts have taught artificial intelligence to predict the success or failure of the film. The machine makes calculations based on written annotations and summaries. This information was reported by researchers at the Storytelling Workshop 2019 in Florence. The system works with the help of several neural networks. For the test, researchers used 42,306 plot […]

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Puts likes and scrolls: monkey taught to use Instagram

The web is gaining popularity with a video in which the monkey shows its Instagram skills. Funny video posted by Twitter user. On the frames you can see how the animal deftly uses the application: leafing through the tape, putting likes. Users in the comments noted an amazing fact: the monkey in the video recognizes […]

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University professor taught students to do ecstasy

In Japan, professors will be judged for teaching students how to do ecstasy. According to investigators, a 61-year-old professor of pharmacology in 2013 taught his students how to do ecstasy. In this case, the professor told and showed how to synthesize the drug MDMA. In addition, the investigation suspects that the Japanese professor shared with […]


Scientists have taught robots to "multiply"

Experts from the Free University of Amsterdam have programmed two robots to create “offspring” and described what came out of this in the scientific journal Naked Science. Experts noted that the result of the encoding was not much different from the natural evolution of the human race. In the “child” was observed a mixture of […]


Scientists have taught the smartphone to recognize the owner of the 100 parameters

Israeli IT professionals introduced a startup that allows a mobile phone to recognize its owner in a pre-made portrait. The specialists managed to “pump over” the smartphone identification system to the state of using all the sensors built into it. Due to this, the mobile phone has acquired “detective” abilities. The phone can identify its […]

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