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The teenager tried vape and fell into a coma

In the US, a teenager almost died after he tried to smoke a vape. About this newspaper tells The Mirror. It is reported that the teenager bought a steam generator on the street and immediately decided to try it. After a few puffs, the young guy had trouble breathing. He was urgently hospitalized in the […]

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"Hair stood on end": A teenager noticed a Loch Ness monster – shots

In Canada, noticed a strange creature, which like two drops of water looks like the famous Loch Ness monster. An unusual picture was taken by a teenager from the USA. A 15-year-old boy went to Canada for holidays, where he walked in one of the parks. A student was photographing landscapes, when he saw a […]

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The game in the console helped the teenager to save the whole family from fire

In the US state of Florida, a teenager disobeyed his parents and saved the whole family from a fire. It is known that the boy had to go to bed at the request of the parents. But he preferred to play the console at midnight. The teenager felt the smell of burning when all the […]

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American teenager traded Xbox for car for mom

American television channel FOX5 told a cute story about the unusual act of a 13-year-old. Shkolnik traded his Xbox console for the Chevrolet Metro. It is known that the family of a teenager is in dire straits. A woman is the mother of three children. They still have three dogs. Recently, a local resident was […]

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