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The policeman plumped up to 350 kilograms, lost his job and lost three times

In the UK, a former policeman, whose weight was 350 kilograms, was able to lose three times in just a year. Stuart Prosser from the age of 17 worked in the police. Wales Online informs about the incident. Athletic physique turned into 350 kilograms of fat. According to the man, it was difficult for him […]


Women are 2 times more likely to lose their jobs due to robots than men: research results

In a number of developed countries, robots are gradually becoming part of familiar personnel, replacing human workers with themselves. For employers, the choice in favor of artificial intelligence is quite understandable: the robot can be given an algorithm of actions from which it will not deviate, its choice will always be logical and justified, it […]


"Surprise" for users: the speed of Internet access will be reduced by 10 thousand times

Russia adopted the law “On the sovereign Internet”, which can return the connection speed to the level of the mid-1990s. According to the adopted law, Internet providers will be required to install special equipment that Roskomnadzor will provide them. This equipment will reduce network bandwidth and reduce the speed of the Internet thousands of times. […]


Samsung will be able to charge their smartphones 10 times faster

Samsung has told that in the next updates will feature ultra-fast charging The developers explained that the function will be supported by power controllers that can withstand charging up to 100 watts. This technology has long been used in various fields, but for the first time it will be used in smartphones. How Samsung is […]

General news

Four times refused. Brexit deal rejected again

Once again, the British deputies said “no” to the proposals on the terms of Brexit. For the fourth time, the Parliament of the United Kingdom rejected alternatives. The issue was considered by parliamentarians on the evening of April 1. As many analysts assumed, the parliamentarians abandoned all four options for cooperation with the EU in […]

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