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Monstrously mesmerizing. Lightning struck the volcano and fell into the frame.

The other day a unique photograph was obtained by a man who was near the volcano Agua in Guatemala. He recorded lightning directly at the top of the mountain. An unusual incident involving celestial forces was reported by Space.com. The photo captures exactly the moment when a powerful electric charge hits the mountain. The arrow […]

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The wife descended into the crater of the volcano and saved her husband who fell there.

In the Caribbean, a young girl climbed into the crater of a volcano to save her husband who fell there. The incident happened to a young American couple during a honeymoon in the Caribbean. A man named Clay Chastain, together with his wife Akeymi, independently decided to climb a volcano to view the neighboring islands […]

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The strongest eruption of a volcano began near Sicily: there are victims

On the Italian island of Stromboli began a violent volcanic eruption. Reported the death of one tourist. These minutes at the popular Italian resort is being evacuated. Earlier, the island’s authorities claimed that a volcanic eruption would not prevent tourists from resting. However, it became known that one tourist from Sicily was killed by a […]

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Amateur selfie accidentally fell into the crater of an active volcano and survived

In Hawaii, a tourist tried to make an impressive photo against the background of an active volcano and fell into a crater. The man flew 25 meters and was stuck on a narrow ledge of rock. The incident occurred near the volcano Kilauea, which is considered the most dangerous in the United States. The tourist […]

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The eruption of the Bezymyanny volcano began in Kamchatka

The eruption began early in the morning local time. The eruption of the Nameless volcano began in Kamchatka. Ash cloud rose above the volcano to a height of 15 km. The cloud has a size of 79 by 65 km. Due to the eruption and the formation of an ash cloud, some flights that are […]

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