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Global Warming: Greenland Lost 11 Billion Tons of Ice in a Day

On the territory of Greenland, scientists have recorded the largest melting of glaciers for this summer. During one day, 11 billion tons of ice had descended into the ocean. The melting of the ice cover in Greenland occurs annually from the beginning of June to the end of July. However, this year the process of […]

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Became aware of the unusual effects of global warming.

A further increase in average annual temperatures will lead to the predominant disappearance of larger animal species and a decrease in the size of the surviving fauna. This is reported by environmentalists in his article published in the journal Oecologia. Experts emphasize that large birds and animals tolerate the cold better than small creatures. The […]

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Global warming? In Alaska, half a century record is broken

50-year-old temperature record broken. In Alaska, the air temperature reached its highest point. Yesterday, July 5, the US National Weather Service found that in Anchorage, the air temperature reached its maximum – plus 32.2 degrees. The last time the heat in this city was 50 years ago. Then in Alaska, they recorded + 29.4 degrees, […]


Facebook agrees there is no global warming

The company Facebook has made a statement that from now on it will check the news for accuracy in conjunction with experts from the site CheckYourFact.com. The site belongs to the The Daily Caller media project. He is famous for denying global climate change and reporting climate conspiracy. The founder of The Daily Caller, Tucker […]

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