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Xiaomi introduced a new wireless charging technology

Xiaomi will soon be introducing a new technology for fast wireless charging for Mi Charge Turbo phones. It is noted that the device will support a maximum power of 30 watts for smartphones. As a result, according to the developers, they created the world’s fastest wireless charging for gadgets. To develop the device, a 5-layer […]


Specialists made a rating of low-cost smartphones with wireless charging

Previously, only happy owners of expensive flagship smartphones could use the wireless charging function. But the industry does not stand still, constantly focusing on customer preferences. Now you can buy a gadget with the necessary functionality for less than $ 350. Top 5: 1. Blackview BV9500. The cost is 250 y. e. What it has […]


Bose introduced wireless noise-canceling headphones

The company Bose on its official website introduced the flagship headphones Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700. It is also additionally reported that sales start from June 20. According to the manufacturer, the headset is equipped with a new system with four microphones. This will allow you to more accurately isolate the user’s voice, almost completely […]


Samsung is developing a wireless station DeX Live

Samsung is going to improve its DeX docking station. The device allows users to use their smartphone as a desktop computer. Recall, DeX was presented along with the Galaxy S8, a little later, Samsung released an improved version. Last year, the Galaxy Note9 smartphone had the opportunity to work in tandem with the DeX using […]


Xiaomi and IKEA create a table with wireless charging.

Two large companies, Xiaomi and IKEA, decided to unite and create a joint product. Representatives of the companies announced that they are actively working to create a desk that will support the wireless charging function. It is also known that the power of the device will be 20 watts. This table has long been dreaming […]


Logitech's most popular gaming mouse has become wireless

Logitech G has announced the release of a new wireless gaming mouse. Novelty called Logitech G502 LightSpeed. Recall that the mouse has previously been released, but only in a wired version. Then the device became the company’s best-selling mouse. At the moment, employees of the company say that the new version of the mouse is […]


Apple Unveils Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones for $ 250

Apple’s Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones are officially announced. Cost – $ 250. Headphones are in the form of hooks. Externally, new headphones are almost similar to the previous model. The claimed operating time from one charge is 9 hours. On the left earpiece are two buttons. One adjusts the volume of the music, the other […]

Healthy way

Doctors told how dangerous the use of wireless headphones

International studies have shown that the use of wireless headphones can provoke the formation of pathogenic tumors along the nerve connecting the brain and ear. Scientists noted that wireless devices create a dangerous electromagnetic field for human health, which according to laboratory analysis is recognized as a potential carcinogen. Of particular concern to physicians is […]

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