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Analysts recalled the predictions of Jobs, Bezos and Gates, which were fulfilled in 20 years

Three recognized geniuses of innovative technologies – Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates at different times were able to predict the future. Analysts recalled the most important predictions that have already been fulfilled. So Steve Jobs: 1. Cloud storage. Steve Jobs back in 1996 shared a life hack data storage: send an e-mail to […]

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Under the surface of the Earth found deposits of diamonds older than 4.5 billion years

Scientists from the University of Australia have found signs of an ancient reservoir of magma in the bowels of our planet. It became known that these deposits can be more than 4.5 billion years. It is known that scientists were able to study the composition of 23 samples of ultra-deep diamonds. They were thrown to […]

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The man lived for 20 years with a toothbrush in his intestines

In China, a man swallowed a toothbrush and lived with her for 20 years. According to Chinese media, the incident occurred in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. A man named Lee sought medical attention with complaints of abdominal pain. At the initial examination, the doctors did not reveal any pathology and sent the man to […]

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The girl suffered from nausea for two years due to a popular morning habit

The British woman consumed milk tea for two years every morning, unaware that she was allergic to dairy products. A 28-year-old resident of London named Antonia Terrell for two years could not find out the reason for her poor health. The woman suffered from severe nausea and stomach pain. Several doctors and examinations did not […]

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Former world boxing champion sentenced to 18 years for abuse of his daughter

Former world welterweight champion Argentine boxer Carlos Baldomir was sentenced to 18 years in prison for sexual abuse of his daughter. This will inform the European media. Sources say that during the investigation it was established that the ex-champion first outraged his daughter when the baby was only eight years old. The 48-year-old boxer was […]

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In the Polish city of 9 years, only girls are born. For the boy promise a reward

An unusual demographic situation has developed in the small Polish town of Meystse-Ojansk: for more than 9 years only girls have been born. According to The First News, dozens of babies are born in the town every year, but there are no boys among babies. According to local residents, a similar situation in the town […]

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An eight-year-old boy of 6 years old lived with a needle in his neck

In China, an eight-year-old boy has lived with a needle in his neck for over 6 years. Doctors managed to conduct a unique operation. According to Chinese media, the parents showed the boy to the doctors after the child began to complain of back pain. At the same time, the grandfather of the boy also […]

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1.5 years remaining: it will be impossible to prevent a climate catastrophe

Humanity has little time left to develop a strategy to combat climate change. As the Air Force reports on Wednesday, July 24, after a year and a half there is no time left to correct anything. The next 18 months will be critical, during which all efforts to prevent the onset of the global climate […]

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The remains of a supermarket employee who went missing 10 years ago were found behind a store freezer

A supermarket employee in Iowa went missing November 28, 2009. Reports about it Daily Mail. The publication describes the details of the tragedy, noting that the shocking “discovery” was found in the 46-centimeter gap behind the freezer inside the store. During the investigation of the incident, it was established that the 25-year-old boy went missing […]

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As in a fairy tale: the couple lived in marriage for 71 years and died on the same day

In the US state of Georgia, spouses who have been married for 71 years died on the same day. The Americans Herbert Deleigl and Marilyn Francis Deleigl met back in 1947 in a cafe where a woman worked at that time. The man often visited the institution to enjoy the beauty of the girl and […]

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