Temperature records again broken in Europe, nuclear power plants cut off in Germany

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In a number of European countries, record heat was set again.

This is reported by European publications with reference to meteorological services.

According to Deutsche Welle, for the first time in the history of meteorological observations today, July 25, a record figure was recorded in the German town of Lingen, the air temperature reached +42.6 degrees.

The forty degrees mark was also recorded for the first time by the weather services in Belgium. A similar situation is observed in Holland.

Residents of Paris these days also languish from the stifling heat. There, the air temperature exceeded the mark plus 42.6 degrees.

The media reported that a two-year-old boy died in Austria from the effects of dehydration. The child was able to independently get into the car and fell asleep there.

In recent days, the hot weather has caused German authorities to decide to disconnect from the grid the Gronde nuclear power plant, which is located near Hanover, for the weekend.

The German Green Party also did not remain aloof from what is happening and expressed that it considers it necessary to mitigate the working conditions for office workers at temperatures above 30 degrees.

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