The child caught a throat infection and was left without arms and legs

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In England, an 11-month-old had a throat infection and lost limbs.

About the incident reports the British edition of The Sun. The incident occurred in the English city of Clitorps.

A 23-year-old British woman named Abigail noticed that her son has a fontanel. A worried young mother sought medical help. Doctors discovered a throat infection in the baby, prescribed the child an analgesic, and sent him home.

However, the baby's condition soon worsened. The British again showed the child to doctors. In the diagnosis of the infant revealed sepsis.

The kid spent five months in the hospital, but failed to cure the child – the infection spread too quickly throughout the body.

Doctors had to amputate the limbs as they gradually began to die. According to the mother, the child gradually gets used to his body and learns to do without arms and legs.

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