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The couple discovered a mysterious creature with fangs and beak.

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A couple from the city of Kingston upon Hull in the UK discovered an unusual creature that was crawling in the yard.

Wendy Gray and Andy Weer found the strange animal on September 5th.

“A creature resembling a snake with fangs and beak that fell from the sky,” the couple described a living creature of unknown origin.

It was decided to put it in a glass and learn more about it using the Internet. They failed to establish the type of animal.

This is reported by Hull Live. According to the couple, the creature looks like it was half eaten. By the way, the insides stick out, but it still moves.

According to assumptions, this is a caterpillar of a wine hawker or marching oak silkworm. She is harmless, but not beautiful, which can scare.

Photo: Peter Harbor

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