The explosion in Cairo claimed the lives of 17 people

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Today, around midnight, a terrible tragedy occurred in the Egyptian capital Cairo. There was a blast. Killed at least 17 people.

According to local media, the accident happened as a result of an accident – several cars collided in the city at once. Then the explosion thundered.

As a result, 17 citizens died, at least 32 people were injured. Such information is voiced by the TV channel Al Arabiya, which refers to the Ministry of Health.

From the details of the incident it is known that a terrible accident occurred on the night from Sunday to Monday near the Cancer Institute.

According to preliminary data of law enforcement officers, one car ran into another four, the consequence of which was an explosion.

It is also noted that serious damage was caused to the building of the Institute – windows, walls, equipment were damaged. Employees and patients were evacuated.

By order of the Prosecutor General of Egypt, an investigation into the explosion was launched as a matter of urgency. Investigators work at the scene.

Photo: Reuters

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