The fraudster seduced 19 women, started six children and ran away with money

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In the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, a fraudster was caught who made relationships with women and lured money from them.

About the incident reports Daily Mail. It became known that for some time a man was watched by law enforcement officers. They are interested in the adventures of a resident of China.

The police filed a complaint with 17 women. Four of them had children, and two more were pregnant.

According to one of the victims, the man gave her expensive gifts, stating that his parents are high-ranking officials. He also promised her a smart life, in which she would not deny herself anything.

After giving birth, he disappeared without a trace, taking with her her car, as well as several thousand yuan.

The other girl was a man told about what works in graduate school. He later offered her a gift with a diamond ring. It became known that the stone was fake. After the engagement, the man escaped, borrowing 250,000 yuan.

The police managed to establish the identity of the fraudster. It became known that he met with girls on the Internet.

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