The girl died after 5 neighbor dogs attacked her

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After a week of struggle for life at the hospital, a 19-year-old student from Tennessee died.

According to sources, five dogs attacked the young girl.

A shocking incident occurred in South Knox on August 23. According to a girl friend, she came to her house to pick up her things, which she had forgotten last night.

Then the girl went outside, and after that her friend heard her friend scream. She ran to the door and saw that on the street five dogs had attacked the girl.

Dogs behaved aggressively and literally “threw” the girl into the air, and then dragged into the undergrowth, which is located near the road.

When the police arrived at the scene, they saw a terrible picture. The injured girl was bleeding.

There were wounds all over her body, her clothes were torn off.

According to sources, the sheriff’s assistants shot one of the dogs, which made an attempt to attack them.

It is reported that the dogs belong to a married couple who lives next door to a friend of the deceased.

Dog owners told police that their pets were being kept in the courtyard behind an electric fence.

It remains unclear how the animals managed to escape.

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