The guy ten years ate only fast food and went blind

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A resident of the UK lost his sight due to a lack of vitamins in his diet.

The 19-year-old Briton has been eating exclusively chips, french fries, sausages, and ham sandwiches for the past ten years. By the way, since childhood, he refused to eat healthy food. Therefore, parents brought fast food so that he ate something.

At age 14, he began to have health problems. He began to talk about getting tired quickly enough.

The Daily Mail informs about the incident.

The guy was examined at a medical facility. It became known that he had anemia. He was given a course of vitamin injections and was also told to follow a diet.

However, he did not heed the recommendations of the doctors and continued to eat fast food. By the age of 15, his hearing and vision deteriorated.

Soon it became known that the guy is deficient in vitamins B12, D and copper. Soon, he completely lost his sight.

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