The guy’s hairstyle photo has become viral on the Internet. The police had to defend him

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The intruder photo amused the netizens.

The police of Wales (Great Britain) published a photograph of the wanted criminal on the social network Facebook.

Police posted a photo of 21-year-old Jermain Taylor and wrote that the man was wanted on suspicion of a crime.

Police expected local residents to help law enforcement agencies track down the perpetrator. Instead, users began to mock the guy’s hairstyle.

It seems that his hair also went on the run, – wrote a commentator under the nickname Nick.

Other web users also did not stand aside and left their comments under the photo. The photo became viral and spread all over the internet.

The police had to defend the lawbreaker.

We advise you to be careful. Your rude remarks may be of interest to investigators, – the police wrote on the page.

Photo: Facebook / Gwent Police

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