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Third-party games appear in Wargaming Game Center

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The first partners will be known on September 15th.

Wargaming Game Center will be accessible to two hundred million people, and this is the main advantage for developers "from the outside," noted in Wargaming.

Note that Wargaming will act as an “engine” for the games of its partners, as it will pass them through its “paths”.

But at the same time, projects should have potential and “attract” the audience that the company already has. Work with payments is also conducted by the company.

Wargaming noted that only the best will appear in the game launcher.

By the way, the company is still waiting for options for games in the WGC. Many are waiting for Wargaming Fest, because it is so interesting who will be lucky.

Currently, only the company's games are in Wargaming.

In the future, to purchase a partner’s game, you will need to go to the WGC and select a product.

And for beginners – welcome to the premium store, and then enjoy your favorite "toy" on your device.

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