A giant asteroid is approaching Earth: what threatens humanity

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In a couple of days, a large asteroid will approach our planet, which will be eight million kilometers away.

The dimensions of the space object are 569 meters. Already this Saturday, August 10, he will come very close to Earth. Interestingly, as scientists note, this asteroid 2006 QQ23 is larger than the Empire State Building skyscraper.

According to CNN, an asteroid will approach our planet at a distance of eight million kilometers.

According to experts, the flight of an asteroid should not negatively affect the Earth.

According to NASA, every year nearly 6 space objects the size of the asteroid 2006 QQ23 fly past Earth.

Recall that earlier information appeared that the end of the world would come on August 12, 2019. Experts in the photographs taken by NASA noticed an object approaching our planet at high speed.

Photo: Pixabay

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