A man mistakenly bought a piece of lawn instead of a house for thousands of dollars

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A Florida State resident mistakenly bought a strip of lawn at auction for several thousand dollars.

A local resident was convinced that he had made a fairly good bargain at an auction to buy a villa.

The property was put up for sale due to the fact that the previous owner did not pay taxes. This is reported by Sun Sentinel.

The site was estimated at 177 thousand dollars. An American paid for a lot of 9.1 thousand dollars. By the way, he suggested that he acquires real estate, but everything turned out to be wrong.

He acquired a strip of land between two sections of a width of 30.5 centimeters and a length of 30.5 meters.

State authorities reported that the money will not be returned to the man. According to the man himself, nothing was said about this site.

He is not going to use this land.

Photo: Pixabay

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