A mysterious deep-sea creature was filmed. Look how it looks

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In the Pacific Ocean, a very mysterious creature has been recorded, with a thin and leaf-like body.

It is likely that the strange specimen is a jellyfish of the genus Deepstaria.

By the way, she was filmed on video at a distance of more than 790 meters using a remote-controlled Nautilus camera.

It is noted that the marine inhabitant in history has been able to fix only a few times.

Deepstari has a very rich bright red body color, and inside them was an incomprehensible crustacean animal.

True, what it did there, the experts did not figure it out, but it is likely that this was food.

By the way, this species of jellyfish lacks tentacles, and they catch their victims with bells, which make it possible to lure small inhabitants of the ocean.

Photo: Pixabay / Vidio: You Tube

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