A rare disease left a girl with a "spread" face

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A resident of the UK told how she lives with a rare disease in which part of her face "blurs."

26-year-old Carla Deyes at the age of 5 began to suffer from convulsions. About the incident reports The Mirror.

Two years later, she was diagnosed with Parry-Romberg syndrome.

Sometimes it affects the limbs. So, the left leg did not grow as fast as the right. For this reason, the girl was painful to walk.

The British had to undergo a course of chemotherapy, as well as several operations. One of them failed. The girl completely lost all the nerves on her face.

According to her, part of the face "crawled and spread." She had another operation. Fat was transplanted onto her face from other parts of the body. Now she looks more attractive and not shy of her appearance.

Photo: The Mirror

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