A woman tripped over a dog and lost all fingers

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An American from Wisconsin lost her right foot and fingers and toes after tripping over a dog and catching an infection.

In 2015, Alisha Kennen tripped over a dog and an abrasion formed on her right shoulder.

The American did not pay attention to such a minor injury, but soon she was forced to go to the hospital, as her condition worsened.

As the doctors found out, through abrasion, an infection caused by streptococci got into the woman's blood. At this time, American children had a sore throat. This became the cause of infection. Through abrasion streptococci got blood. This led to an infectious toxic shock.

The woman began to bleed internally. Soon gangrene began. To prevent the spread of infection, doctors were forced to amputate fingers. The infection did not recede and after four months the American lost her toes.

In 2019, a woman had a relapse. This time, her right leg to the knee was amputated.

Now a woman is collecting 100 thousand dollars to pay for treatment.

Photo: © Facebook / Alecia Kennen

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