A young patient at the Perm oncology center asked for an unusual gift.

пациент пермского онкоцентра попросил необычный подарок
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There’s always a lot of work at the Beregina Charity Foundation on New Year’s Eve. This is understandable – on such an amazing holiday everyone expects miracles and gifts. And guys who have to fight for their own lives with malignant entities – all the more so.

For many years there has been such a tradition here: wards of the Foundation write letters to the New Year Wizard. They tell about their lives, dreams, what a miracle is waiting for the New Year.

– There are always a lot of letters, and they are all different, just like the guys themselves,” says the director of the Foundation, Tatyana Golubaeva. – Friends of the Foundation – enterprises, organizations and ordinary people – are happy to join our action, fulfilling children’s wishes. Every letter has its own good wizard, and each of our wards gets what he wrote about.

According to her, this year the Foundation has received over 160 such New Year’s messages. Someone asked for toys, some for books, girls for cosmetics, boys dreamed more about gadgets.

But one letter wasn’t like the others. 17-year-old Edward, who’s been in the hospital for eight months now, offered to help the wizard with his medicine. “Dear Santa Claus! – “he wrote in colored pencils on his album sheet. – I write to you with a request: let all the money for the gift go to buy drugs for cancer patients lying in the hospital. Personally, I don’t need a gift. Thank you. I hope for you.”

The teenager has a complicated diagnosis associated with blood disease, and he has a long way to go. At least he’ll be in a hospital bed until next October. And it’s not an easy test. All the more so because his family lives in a very remote Kama region. The letter and the story of the boy did not leave anyone indifferent. Beregini” employees told about it in social networks, and residents of the Kama region collected more than 18 thousand rubles in a short period of time.

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Little patients of the oncological center and their parents learned about this story right on the Christmas tree, which is organized for them right in the hospital. It is organized annually by the “Beregina” fund with the support of the administration of the governor of the Perm region as part of the “Return to Childhood” project. Eduard could not come to the tree. Employees of the foundation themselves went up to his room and told him how many good wizards took part in fulfilling his wish and how much money, thanks to his letter, they managed to collect. But Edik wasn’t left without his gift. Players of football club “Zvezda” gave him a calendar, pennants and programs of past matches. And also – an invitation to all future games of this team, which he can visit when he recovers. Athletes not only recharged the boy with cheerfulness, but also gave him the confidence that sooner or later health will return to him. And this is the most expensive and necessary gift.

All the patients of the oncology center who can walk saw a real New Year’s performance. They were visited by their favorite “Theatre Emergency” with the play “Persistent Tin Soldier. For many years now, the actors have been completing the year with this performance.

– This is the most touching and responsible performance, despite the fact that we give 70-80 performances a year – says the director of “Theatre Ambassador House” and the author of the project “Theatre Emergency” Elena Starostina. – These are special children, because many of them have been in hospital for a very long time. They need a completely different approach and our actors know which one.

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According to her, the trees here are almost always led by the same Santa Claus. He remembers and knows everyone who is going to his Christmas tree in the hospital corridor, which turns into an auditorium for a while. And, of course, he’s very happy when they go to a different place for Christmas celebrations. This year, for example, more than 80 kids gathered at Gagarin’s AC for the Christmas tree for fully recovered children.

By the way, the money that was collected by Edik’s letter will be used to purchase medicines that accompany the basic treatment and are required for general therapy. These are antifungal, antiviral, stomach, liver and the like. The child should start taking them as soon as treatment starts, not waiting for the medical board to decide on reimbursement. So the gift that Edward ordered for the New Year’s Eve Wizard is really very valuable for everyone.

– All teenagers, getting into the walls of oncology, are under a lot of stress not only from their own diagnosis, but also from everything that is happening around them, – says the employee of the “Beregina” foundation, which oversees the guys in the hospital. – Edik is no exception, either. While his peers continue to learn and make plans for the future, he is being treated, fighting for life every day. And his letter is written with a pure, sincere heart. And it makes you think.

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