Apple-sized hail fell in Italy: dozens of victims

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In central Italy, an apple-sized hail fell on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

As a result of the incident suffered at least 18 people. Italians received injuries of varying severity and were forced to turn to doctors.

Among hospitalized, as reported by ANSA, a pregnant woman who received head injuries and applied for medical care.

At the same time, another problem arose in this region. In addition to hail, strong winds and heavy rain fell on the region.

Chunks of large ice smashed the windows of houses and damaged a lot of car windows.

Due to the rapid flow of water movement on the roads in the region is difficult.

Local media also report on the effects of the weather in neighboring regions. It became known that in the regions of Molise and Emilia-Romagna the hail also damaged agricultural lands.

Hail affected crops of tomatoes, maize and nectarines. The authorities began to calculate the damage done by bad weather to residential buildings and vehicles.

The “orange” level of danger is established in almost all northern regions of Italy. In some cities, public parks and summer centers were closed.


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