Awkward man replaced a broken witness at the wedding and broke his leg

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In the UK, a man replaced a witness who had broken his arm on the wedding ceremony and injured his leg.

Stephen Jackson had planned to attend a friend's wedding as a witness. On the eve of the celebration, the groom went to a bar with friends and drank a couple of beers.

Arriving at the room, the man began to take off his pants, fell and broke the humerus. The groom hurried to call his friend on the house doctor. About what happened reports Fox News.

It was decided to replace the witness. They became Brendan. The man immediately began to write a speech for the newlyweds.

Half an hour later, the man came out to smoke, stumbled on the curb and broke his leg. Then he asked for help from the groom. He again called the doctor. By the way, the same ambulance crew arrived.

As a result, the groom spent the night before the wedding alone. By the way, the groom's friends came to their friend's wedding.

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